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Welcome to Grandiosity, inc.
8/22/12- Submit your Images!
Hey everyone. We are looking at putting together an image gallery to show off what we do around here and would love some user Submitted photos of your models and hobby projects. If you have something to contribute you can send them to me at at or post them to the any of the Grandiosity Facebook pages. Thanks.
8/22/12- Escalation League
The Grandiosity Warhammer 40,000 All painted Escalation League games are about to start! If you want in or need some info hop on over to the Facebook page!
7/10/12- New Page
Welcome to the new Home Page for Grandiosity! Coupled with the Facebook pages we hope to keep everyone up to date on any and all events here at Grandiosity. Any comments or suggestions are well appreciated.
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